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need friend safaris! 4399-0439-0076, message me w/ yours!


mine is flying type, Woobat / Spearow / mystery third slot (if anyone could tell me what’s in it that’d be wonderful, because then i can put that information on my sidebar!)

either way i’m happy to exchange friend codes with just about anyone! i’m actually very shy so I probably won’t respond if you invite me to trade or battle, but I’m happy to be there for friend safari ;w;

please reblog this post or message me with your own friend code.

but i’m especially interested in people with the following types of safari, or - if you know - the following pokémon available:

  • PSYCHIC - Munna, (slot 3) Xatu
  • GRASS - Sunkern, (slot 3) Maractus
  • FIGHTING - (slot 3) Tyrogue
  • ELECTRIC - (slot 3) Zebstrika, Galvantula
  • DARK - Vullaby
  • FIRE - Growlithe
  • GHOST - (slot 3) Spiritomb
  • ICE - (slot 3) Dewgong
  • WATER - Krabby

i’m also happy to tell people what’s in their friend safari! just make sure you’re watching your mentions and tag ( - because this is a sideblog, so i can’t send you an inbox message!

Hi! I’ve got a grass safari with Maractus. My fc is 3797-8121-7120, and I can tell you what your third slot is ^^

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