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The <title> of this page is “Do Consumers Want More Women In Video Games?” The results of this survey will be presented at GDC15, so let’s tell ‘em a resounding “FUCK YEAH!”

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fucking tumblr bomb this shit

here’s the link so you don’t have to click through the article to get to it:





I just needed a prescription refill.



The doctor enters the room without knocking. I sit up on the examination table and press my palm to the side of my face, trying to breathe through the pain, trying to find my words. I usually avoid walk-in doctors, but it’s a holiday today, so my regular doctor isn’t available and there’s no way I can make it until tomorrow in this much pain.

"Oh, hello— Why is the light off? I need the light to see the computer." She flicks on the overhead light and drops into the seat in front of the glowing screen.

"Okay." I’m not sure what to say here. Her voice demands an answer, her question is not rhetorical. "The light was bothering me, so I turned it off."

"What?" She asks loudly, turning her head towards me but not taking her eyes off of the computer screen. I start to speak again but she cuts me off— "What? I can’t hear you!"

I repeat myself, as loudly as I can.

"So why was the light off?"

"Fluorescent lights hurt me." So does talking. I can feel my panic building as the pain in my lower job throbs. I’ve been waiting so long. I just want to go home.

"But why?"

"I’m Autistic." Now her whole body turns towards me. Her eyes travel up and down and then back again.

"You were diagnosed with Autism?" The phrasing is deliberately light but the tone is unmistakable (it’s that old familiar, disbelief).

"Yes. I am Autistic."

"How did that happen? Who diagnosed you?" Marvin shifts in his seat, frowning slightly, wanting to say something but letting me speak for myself.

"Doctor Todd Mason at the ABLE clinic. He diagnosed me. But that’s not why I’m here." I say it as firmly as I can.

"Ah. Okay. Well then why are you here?"

I explain that I recently had my wisdom teeth extracted, but that I’ve been healing slowly and just need a refill of my pain medication to hold me over until I can see the dental surgeon again. I show her my other medications. She asks a question or two about the surgery. I think that maybe we’re past the ‘autism thing’ now and so I relax a little. No such luck. She pauses typing and looks over with a confused (and maybe slightly challenging) look on her face.

"You don’t look like you have Autism to me."

Marvin straightens in his chair. I fold my hands in my lap. We shoot each other identical glances and I pause to think before I answer. Carefully. Because I need help, and this doctor can help me, but she might just choose not to if I make a wrong step.

"There aren’t… There aren’t actually any physical indicators of Autism."

"Then how did you get this diagnosis?" Her facial expression indicates slyness, as if she thinks she’s got me there. Like I’m going to suddenly burst out laughing and admit I’ve been joking with her and of course she’s right.

"Well, specialists look for autistic traits in different areas." I feel myself losing my words. The world vibrates. The lights flicker and burn me. Pain throbs. "Like, I have narrow-but-deep interests, and I have sensory integration issues, and I have some cognitive disabilities also. I can’t tell time from clocks with hands. So the doctor who diagnosed me looked for these traits, these autistic ‘symptoms’, and then put them together. That is how Autism is diagnosed. Looking for the traits."

As I’m speaking the doctor’s expression shifts from confused, to annoyed, and then to totally disinterested. She has stopped listening. As she prints off the prescription and signs it she manages to get the last word in on the topic, one last jab of invalidation, one last challenge.

"Well, you don’t seem like you have Autism to me."

I know. I know that I don’t “seem like I have Autism” to you. I know that you wonder why on earth I would say such a thing, and how could I look and act the way that I do and be Autistic? But that is a failing on your part Doctor, not on mine.

I wasn’t trying to challenge you. I didn’t mean to make you feel insecure or confused or ignorant (although you were those last two). And I didn’t deserve to be interrogated, or your judgement. I just needed your help.

You should have let it go and Googled it later. I hope you do better next time.

at this stage in my life, i now have a firm policy: I Am Not Autism Google.

i will write down “google: autism self-advocacy network” to keep them from finding A$ first. then my duty is done. if they keep at me, they’re being rude and i’m allowed to make the “wow, rude!” face and any smart remarks i might think of.

as for the very occasional person who decides to Splain Me A Thing about autism, on the assumption that as an allistic they obviously know more than i do about it, i find that little hand-pinchy gesture and sharp ‘hsst!’ that Dr. Evil does in Austin Powers pretty effective.

Repeat until they STFU or burst into tears.

elthadriel asked:

Kaidan and Shep for the sexual headcanons thing :P

You are an enabler. I hope you’re happy. 

Because I need more Shenko in my life:

 my sexual headcanons:

  • what was their first kiss like?

Well, first there was the interrupted kiss right during the mutiny. Shepard left that feeling very embarrassed and awkward and frustrated. Not long after that, maybe a half hour or so, Kaidan manages to find Shepard on her own and he gives her a very shy kiss. Which lasts about two seconds because that’s how long it takes Shepard to process what’s happening, press him against the bulkhead and snog the daylights out of him. She pours her fear, her frustration, her grief, and her sheer attraction to Kaidan into it. 

  • where were they their first time having sex

Shepard’s quarters on the Normandy. The night of their transit to Ilos. The future was unsure, they had no backup, this could easily be a suicide mission they were on. Then Kaidan shows up and she can feel tension and desire and confusion humming off of him. She can see that he told himself that he was just coming to make sure she was okay, that he’s not going to pressure her into anything, that he expects nothing from her. And it drives her nuts, how sweet he is. Also she’s gotten a little taste of how he feels underneath her hands from their earlier kiss and she needs more of him. So she asks him, heart pounding, to stay, to bunk with her that night and he just melts with a weird mix of relief and excitement. They then proceed to have desperate, adrenaline fueled sex that’s more aggressive than sweet and leaves them both thinking that in a vaguely oh crap kinda way that they could definitely fall in love. (Kaidan has by this point, Shepard is well on her way)

  • who’s louder

Shepard is louder in everything because sometimes she forgets that she has her commander voice still on. But when they’re actually having sex, they’re not overly loud, unless something weird happens and much laughing ensues. Mostly they talk and make dumb jokes when they are not worried they’re gonna die the next day. When they are worried about dying, they’re still not overly loud, they just talk less and say each other’s name more. 

  • who wakes up first

Shepard nearly always wakes up first, because she’s an insomniac. Kaidan is a reasonably heavy sleeper, though he starts to wake up more often when Shepard moves around because it’s likely she’s had a nightmare or is flashing back, and even if she’s not, he doesn’t like it when she slips away before he wakes up. 

  • who performs/receives oral more often

Kaidan gives a lot of oral. Particularly since they basically have two modes of sex: sweet and comforting; and aggressive and adrenaline fueled. In the latter case, Shepard is usually pretty dominant (which Kaidan thinks is hot as hell), and let’s just say their preferred positions reflect that. In general, oral is Kaidan’s go-to method of getting Shepard off or close enough that penetration and fingers can get her off with him. Shepard enjoys kissing him post oral. 

Blowjobs aren’t really a thing because I’m a massive lesbian and I don’t find it particularly arousing. 

  • who tries new things more often

Shepard likes to put her creativity to good use. Kaidan is happy to follow wherever she wants to take him. However, since Shepard grew up on the streets, she doesn’t have a great concept of domesticity. Kaidan takes it upon himself to do normal things with her, like watching movies, making dinner, going on dates. To his amusement, Shepard usually ends up turning dates into a mad rush to stop some kind of plot. Shepard is just not very good at being normal. 

  • if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would they include

They are very private with their romantic and sexual relationship, but the Shepard, Kaidan, and Steve often chill in the hangar and watch Vega do pull ups. While not being intimately involved, EDI is very informationally involved in their relationship. She talks to Shepard and Kaidan a lot about sex, because she is unsure of what to do with Jeff. Neither Kaidan or Shepard are shy about sex, for which EDI is grateful, and which the rest of the crew is distinctly ungrateful. 

So I just can’t leave Mass Effect behind and I need to have more interactions between my babes. So as I figure out a plot for post-game stuff, I figured maybe it’ll be fun to write up the Citadel DLC. And the SOMEONE *coughSusannahcough* had to go and encourage me not only to indulge in shameless fluff, but to write more porn. 

You’re asking the lesbian to write het porn. 

Then again it’s Shepard and Kaidan… My babies. I haven’t shipped anything this hard since… What Hetalia? 

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